Neue Übungen erlernen und auch mal die Füße kennenlernen. Mit verschieden Geräten hantieren und sich auch dabei konzentrieren. Zur Musik toben und am Ende die Kinder für die gute Leistung loben. Aber: Spiel und Spaß ist in jeder Stunde das a&o.

Kids Yoga (in english)

Yoga for children is introduced through song, storytelling and movement. It teaches kids to become aware of their growing bodies, connect to and understand their breath and encourages strength, flexibility, focus, confidence and kindness within themselves. It also has the possibility to introduce young kids to their own inner world and may provide a channel for release, relaxation and rejuvenation. Children are like sponges absorbing everything around them on all sensory levels and from a very young age are starting to form ideas about the world and their place in it. When they learn to understand the subtle cues their body sends them, they are better able to understand their feelings and learn appropriate ways to respond. Yoga is an ancient practice open and available to everyone and is a fun way for children to learn the simple pleasure of connecting to themselves, quietening their busy, little minds and exploring what their bodies can do.